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Elder harassment saving for grandchild's college

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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #1195 by shhhzaammm
I am having difficulty obtaining a signature verification at one of your branches. I am working with the branch manager Terri Oreck in plains PA. My elderly mother (84 y/o) has made two trips to the bank trying to secure a simple signature verification. We are transferring her college savings program with my daughter unchanged as the beneficiary. In order to complete this the PA Tap 529 program requires a signature verification. They maintain they just need a bank representative to confirm her signature. We have supplied PNC with a form where in an enclosed box is a line for her to sign and then the bank representative verifies that signature still within that box. The box is segregated from the rest of the document content by the "box" The page does say that it is one of 12 pages. According to the branch manager Terri Oreck the bank will verify the signature if we (1) provide the other 11 pages and (2) they want a separate document stating much money is in our accounts.....To confirm a signature? I would concede to the other pages on the form at hand but the demand of a completely separate official statement of out accounts value? I called PA TAP 529 and they don't even know how they can get an official statement of all of her accounts values.
  1. The other pages contain secure account information which we do not wish to share. The signature verification is in a separate box for the sole purpose to segregate that aspect from the rest of the forms

  2. The bank has no involvement with this account in any way. We are not transferring funds into or out of the account. It was not a funded PNC account. It has absolutely nothing to do with this TAP 529 account. To reiterate, OUR TAP 529 ACCOUNTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PNC. WHY DOES PNC WANT TO KNOW THE VALUE OF ESSENTIALLY ANOTHER BANK ACCOUNT just for a signature verification?

  3. We are not asking the bank to verify any amount of money or shares in an account.

  4. We are merely signing our name to a piece of paper and we wish PNC to verify it.

  5. Why do you demand a statement of value of our TAP accounts to verify a signature?

It has been communicated to me by Terri Oreck that this is a policy of PNC bank and they are subject to audits. I maintain that it must be an internal PNC audit since the federal government could not endorse this policy since it is a confidentiality violation. This policy is in violation of our Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy. This amendment to the constitution guarantees and protects our right to privacy; PNC is demanding personal information to which they have no legal right to know.

I want to see where that is a policy and procedure of PNC bank. I want to see where it is documented that they require to know the value of essentially another competing bank account to verify a signature....to verify a signature????? PNC will not have it documented because it is not legal to hold hostage a service by demanding personal information that is completely unrelated and extraneous.
I want an answer. I have been denied access to any other PNC representatives by this branch manager Terri Oreck on 10-15-15. I have no other recourse or avenue but to use social media. We cannot change our account until PNC completes this verification of her signature. My local congressman is my next communication.

-My mother has maintained an account with PNC for 50 consecutive years.
-I have maintained an account with PNC for 40 consecutive years
-I have a business banking account with PNC for 15 years
-I use PNC merchant services exclusively for 10 years please advise.
This is harassment; banking with the same bank for 50 years and they make an 84 y/o woman physically return to the bank over and over for information that isn't even possible to transfer.
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