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5 years 8 months ago #1190 by Rude Employees at Paoli, PA branch
SHOW ME THE MONEY !!!!!!! was created by Rude Employees at Paoli, PA branch
I have been banking at PNC for a VERY long time.

Last week I walked into the branch office located in Paoli, PA on the corner of Route 30 and Route 252.

The purpose of my visit was to trade in $700.00 of 20's into $100.00's (So, I needed seven 100 dollar bills) Sounds simple right?

The manager said he could give me 1 (one) hundred dollar bill, not seven. I asked how many he had and he said "Well..... we have more than seven, but I can only give YOU one. I asked what the other bills were being saved for and he said "Other customers that may come in during the rest of the day" SOOOOOOOOO what that told me is they save hundred dollar bills for customers that MAY come in later but a customer that is standing at the counter NOW can't get any.

I left the bank and as I was driving out I saw a Bank Of America branch right next door. I have NO accounts what so ever at Bank of America but I figured, what do I have to loose by asking. I went in, walked up to the teller, showed her my stack of twenties and asked for hundreds. She gave me seven one-hundred dollar bills within seconds, no arguments.

I walked BACK to PNC,( the manager apparently saw me coming because he was stand there waiting for me ). I told him that his competitor bank just gave me what I wanted and why could't he have helped me.

Here is the most shocking part of the conversation.......

As I was talking to him, I had the 7 one-hundred dollar bills in my hand. He said "I'm very happy you came over here to show me all your money" I said, excuse me, did you really just say that. I came back to let you know that your competitor bank next door doesn't have rationing of bills and your response is to be condescending with me. I came back to give honest feedback and you're getting RUDE.

AGAIN..... he said, "Well....all of us here are very happy you came by to show us all of your money"

This is not the first time that a PNC branch would not give me hundred dollar bills. WTF PNC.....you'r a BANK. That's what banks do.

Get with it..... and tell the douche bag manger in Paoli his people skills are in the toilet.
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