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Deposit at a NON-PNC atm cost almost $400.00 in fe

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5 years 6 months ago #1172 by Lynette
I'm leaving PNC after 30 years of banking there. I deposited a payroll check at a USA atm b/c the PNC one in the same plaza did NOT accept deposites. It showed in my balance and charges were being taken from it, then there were several overdraft charges...how does this happen when the account never showed a negative balance? $396.00 in overdraft fees b/c I do all my banking online and have auto withdraws, every charge was also hit with an overdraft fee. CRAZY!! When I called I was informed that their policy is a minimum of 4 days before the funds are available even thought they show available online they are NOT for 4 to 10 days. WHAT? in this NOW time where you can't even write a check w/o it posting the next day??? They'll take my suggestion of not showing it available and leaving in a pending status until it's actually available and displaying a message on ATM machines that warn your money may show available but it is not for 4 to 10 days. Not sure if this is common with all banks, I don't usually deposit at a ATM, this was an unusual situation(my husband was hurt and it was his check that I picked up to deposit) that I needed to get the money in to cover withdraws that would be coming out. When I need the money the most.......they stole it right from my account. I'm now beginning the painful process of transfering everything to another financial institution. What a nightmare! I hope no one else ever makes this very EXPENSIVE mistake. It's a crime all the fees they charge for 1 mistake
I didn't know it was criminal to deposite at anouther banks ATM Maybe they should have all their ATM's accept deposites. Thanks for giving me a place to vent and hopefully prevent anyone else from this experience!!
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