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PNC: How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...

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5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #1164 by Disgruntled PNC Customer
PNC: How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways... was created by Disgruntled PNC Customer
PNC, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways:
1. When I attempted to refinance my home loan with PNC, my wife and I received about 2-3 mailings each day for a month letting each of us know individually that account terms were changing in January. In the flood of 30-40 mailings within several weeks, I lost track of the bill. My credit card payment (about $200 per month at the time) was late by about a week. I called to discuss the reason for my mistake and to tell them that the payment was sent as soon as I saw my error.

2. I was assured that my information was being taken into consideration and that there was no reason to worry. They raised my rate from 18.0% to 21.6% despite only 1 late payment in almost 20 years of our relationship with the bank under its various names. We were promised that our rate would be revisited every 6 months. Despite paying down balances and having an above average credit score of 730, my rate was never restored to the lower level. I rewarded their loyalty by transferring my entire balance to another more rational bank. Despite the card expiring in early May, they violated terms of the contract to pay a bill that had been set up using the old expired card. The charge should not have been made because the card was expired (I didn't want the charge to occur, so I thought it would not renew with an expired card). Not only was I wrong, but they wouldn't refund the charge for the unwanted item PNC paid for with an expired card.

3. In switching from one school to another, I had to take home everything from the one school for the summer and then get it all delivered and organized within one week. I set up an electronic payment as soon as I realized that my payment (sent on 9/3 and due on 9/5) wouldn't arrive until 9/8 because of the bank holidays. I attempted to pay by phone, but I was disconnected after being on hold for about 10 minutes. Before being disconnected, I was told that they couldn't extend the payment deadline from 9/5 to 9/8, even though the payment had already been sent. PNC said that I must pay it by today at 5 (online) or by 6 (at a bank) to avoid a late payment. We're fighting over $17.95 here, PNC! I tried to pay online, but I couldn't find the proper link despite searching all 110+ hits for my search. I chatted with Mike Y about how to pay my bill online; he referred me to use the phone number (where I began). Apparently, according to him, there is no way to pay online. When I got placed on hold for about 15 minutes, I was told that I could make the payment online. I was given three menu options: 1) pay from checking, 2) pay from savings, or 3) pay another way. I tried to pay by checking, but I needed a routing number (my debit card was useless, even though it connects to a checking account and it would save PNC service charges). I backed up through the menu and selected pay by another means. After waiting for several minutes, I was informed that I would have to pay $10 for the privilege of using this option. The chipper PNC rep asked for my routing number. If there is no other option than paying by check, then why in the hell do they even have a menu option for a bill payment method that doesn't exist? I was already late for my 2nd job (I'd spent 45 minutes trying to give money to PNC with no success already), so I hung up. I tasked my wife with the duty of trying to pay online, since she had the checkbook with the routing number.

4. She struggled with the menu, but she was eventually able to pay the $17.95 that was giving PNC hemorrhoids. To PNC's chagrin, we now have an on-time payment and a zero balance. What the hell happened to this company? They used to be one of the better banks. What made them such inflexible, blood-sucking bastards?
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