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PNC charges a fee without notice

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6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 7 months ago #928 by Anya
PNC charges a fee without notice was created by Anya
:angry: I have been a loyal PNC customer for many years. Yesterday I found out that my Business Checking was slapped with a monthly fee that I knew nothing about. I've had a small Business Checking in case I sell something on eBay; no biggie. I called their Customer Service and was informed that this is something new; now they charge a fee for an account (any account) with a balance below $1,500. But give me a chance, let me know in advance; I take it this is not one of the PNC policies; they just slap you with a fee no matter what; just because.

I of course am packing my bags but am very disappointed. They think that they can charge you a fee just because! The accounts terms cannot be accessed online.

If this is how they treat their loyal customers, I am done with them. Grrrrrrrrr

Have you noticed how ridiculous their Message Center is? Whatever program they use for writing messages, supposedly word processing based, will NOT accept things like a dollar sign or a semi-colon or the brackets etc. So I used dashes in place of those.

UPDATE: I finally was able to locate the phone number to just the right department (and prior to that, I apparently was given an incorrect one). If anyone needs their fees reversed due to not receiving the new agreement, call 877-287-2654. Just call and request a refund due to have never been notified. I was issued a refund and later on will definitely close this account for good. Unfortunately not right now, as I have something pending with PayPal so can't close it at either end.
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5 years 2 weeks ago #1248 by I ran from PNC
Replied by I ran from PNC on topic PNC charges a fee without notice
You aren't a customer you are just a number that they can get a pound of flesh from. I just opened my new account with another bank I cannot wait to get the card in the mail so I can go to my closest PNC and tell them exactly where they can STICK THEIR ACCOUNT!
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