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Dont even think about it.

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8 years 6 months ago #53 by 99chevy
Dont even think about it. was created by 99chevy
After reading a few Experiences I thought that I would share a few.

1. The only reason that I have a Pnc Bank account is because of my previous employer, they would only do direct deposit checks instead of a hard copy. At the very beginning of all this I didnt think anything of it when my small checks would disappear quickly into the void. I just figured that I had spent it quicker than I thought I had, that is until I started to pay attention to my balance Via calling on my balance. For some strange reason I started to have money come up missing completely, so I called the customer support line and after talking to the computer and waiting for 45mins I hung up. I decided that the best way to fix the problem was to go to my local Speedway where the PNC ATM'S are located and withdraw the remaining money. Thats when I caught them charging me to use there own ATM,I had printed a balance receipt and then received one at the end of my transaction, yea about 5 dollars was missing.

2. The most recent one was on the day that my paycheck was deposited. I had given the lady of the house my card so she could go get gas in the morning. She then used it at the pump instead of just going inside. As I do know that the banks will hold money when you do so and that would be fine if they would have not been holding $40 on a $10 charge for more than a week. They cant say its the gas stations fault because she went to the very gas station that I had been working at at the time.

All in all this place is just a big waste of time, you will end up leaving there with less money than you started with.
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