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they steal my money continuously

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7 years 4 weeks ago #921 by Harley
they steal my money continuously was created by Harley
When I pay my overdraft protection off by transferring it from one account to another, it takes them up to about a week. During this time, your overdraft protection is not available. The same day I transferred these funds, I wrote out many checks to pay my bills. Would you believe ALL those checks were put into a mailbox, got picked up and unloaded, sorted loaded back onto another truck, driven across the country, got put into another truck, was delivered, picked up, processed, and deducted from my account before the transfer was credited to my account. Consequently they have charged me $36 for each check that came in beyond my account balance because my overdraft protection was not credited with the transfer within the 5 days it has been. They have stolen my money this way several times until I figured out how they were doing it. Since I figured them out, I haven't had any money stolen again until now.
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