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credit card late charge

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9 years 3 months ago #38 by miodick
credit card late charge was created by miodick
I was just charged a $25 late charge for a bill that was due 12/20 and it supposedly did not get to them until 12/21. How stupid can a bank be? They tell me my due date was 12/20 so I missed it by one day and they can't do anything about it. I have NEVER missed a payment to them in the last twenty years and they can't forgive a day late charge? AGAIN, THEY ARE STUPID! Well I can, I will never do any business with them again. I certainatly do not want to trust my money with a bank that must be run by idiots! I am just another part of their multi-million dollar late payment scam, this is what ongress should be doing something about but no they support the banks so they are allowed to charge anybody whatever they want. Big business and the big banks rule this country so don't let anybody tell you different. There is NOT a democracy in this country nit is socialism and Obama is the unfettered leader with congress baking him all the way to our pocket books. PNC sucks and I hope there are many more out there that will stop doing any business with them.
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