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PNC will kill you with overdraft fees!

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7 years 6 months ago #738 by pnc_bastards
PNC will kill you with overdraft fees! was created by pnc_bastards
I have been/was a PNC customer for about three years, I believe. The school where I attended graduate school had a partnership with them, so I figured I would bank with them for ease of availability and location. Now I understand why they are targeting the college students to set up bank accounts – they know they are likely to overdraft their accounts and give PNC more fees, especially once they are out of school and potentially living paycheck to paycheck.
PNC has repeatedly, intentionally screwed me out of my own money and given me large amounts of overdraft fees. Granted, I realize that I do live paycheck to paycheck, but more than a couple times PNC has messed up and stuck me with some fees. I have had multiple payments draft out of my account twice by PNC (even though it was set up only to draft once a month). Every SINGLE time this happened to me, they put off handling my inquiry for as long as possible, so they could rack up overdraft fees for a number of days. Every time I called, they told me that it would be a few days until someone can review what was going on. Every time they messed up I had to fight through Hell and high water just to get back all the fees I was wrongly accessed. Meanwhile, whatever money I was supposed to have to be able to use was not accessible, especially if it was a large bill that was drafted out.
The most recent experience was by far the worst. I was getting ready to cancel my accounts (checking and savings) because I had already moved to a new (and MUCH better) bank. I had cancelled all recurring payments that were being sent by PNC because they were being sent by my new bank. I even called the customer service center to make sure that ALL the payments had been stopped. I was informed they were and that nothing else would be entered through. I had to wait for one check to post to my account that was a refund, otherwise I would have closed my account a month prior. I kept a balance on my account of $1.18 until I could close the account.
The aforementioned cancelled recurring bill payment, which was a car payment so it is a pretty hefty payment, was entered through PNC a month and a half after I had confirmed the information had been deleted! To make matters worse, I had to call the customer service center probably in the neighborhood of 8-10 times before I was finally given to some sort of escalation specialist. They refunded most of the overdraft fees, but still required me to pay the initial $36 overdraft fee FOR THEIR MISTAKE. At the end of the conversation I asked where I could send a written complaint – the customer service rep said that there was “no higher complaint department”. Yeah right, I would think a written complaint would carry a lot more weight than a verbal one. I am filing a written complaint with the OCC and sending a copy to PNC headquarters.
In addition, once I had this part straightened out and I had deposited a check to cover what PNC had paid for my car payment (since it was going on 2 weeks and the payment had long been received by my car financing company), I called to close the accounts. I called my local branch and told them that I work the same hours they are open, so I needed to be able to close it over the phone or via fax. The local branch assured me they would make sure the check cleared and close the account in 2 days, and even email me to let me know they had done all of that. Well, it’s a week and a half later and my accounts are still open, so I had to call AGAIN. The woman who answered the phone ended up being the same one I talked to and spewed some BS answer about “we wanted to make sure nothing else was going through on your account” even though we had already discussed that previously. I’m sure they were trying to keep it open and make sure I wasn’t paying attention so they could charge me all kinds of inactivity fees. Bottom line – DO NOT BANK HERE, especially if you have no money to spare and cannot cover PNC’s screw-ups when dealing with your money!!!
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1 year 1 month ago #2659 by phil
Replied by phil on topic PNC will kill you with overdraft fees!
they are thieves
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