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PNC: Bad at their jobs or Liars?

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9 years 8 months ago #31 by TiredOfBanks
PNC: Bad at their jobs or Liars? was created by TiredOfBanks
About a year ago I switched to PNC from Wachovia because I was relocating to Morgantown, WV and there were no local Wachovia branches (my first mistake). I opened a "Virtual Wallet" account that purports itself as easy and stress free banking (my second mistake).

When I opened the account I specifically asked whether there was true overdraft protection for all three accounts (a virtual wallet is comprised of a spend account, a reserve account (both checking), and a savings account. This involved a lengthy and direct line of questioning to establish that 1) if I overdraft my spend account and still have money in my reserve account there will be no charge, and 2) if I overdraft both my spend and reserve accounts but have money in my save account there will be no charge, and 3) that there is no real reason for me to keep money in my reserve account if I have the same benefits from my save account, coupled with a higher interest rate. The representative that opened my account assured me that all three of my suppositions were correct (the first misinformation/lie I received from PNC).

All was well and good from the time Iopenedthe account (Aug 2010) until June 2011. I went into the local Morgantown WV branch to deposit a check and was asked which of my TWO accounts I would like the deposit placed in. This gave me pause and prompted me to ask why I now had two accounts instead of the threeI had opened. I was informed (for the first time, and contrary to the answers I received when opening the account) of Federal Banking Regulation D, which holds that automatic transfer from a savings acount can only occur three times before said account is transferred to a checking account. So basically, without informing me, PNC closed my savings account. This was annoying, but not overly so, as my primary savings were still being held by Wachovia. It did prompt me to ask if there would be any change to the free transfers I had been enjoying from the virtual wallet. Again, the teller told me that everything would be business as usual (the second misinformation/lie I received from PNC). When I checked my account later that week, I was chagrined to find that, far from business as usual, I had been being charged a ten dollar fee for every transfer since the date they closed my savings, totaling over $200.

Needless to say I returned to the Morgantown branch and asked to speak with a manager about these spurious OD charges. After detailing the situation for her, I was apologized to and then issued a refund of $30. I was also told that since I had opened the account at another branch, the remainder of the charges would have to be refunded through them (misinformation/lie #3) and that she would contact them immediately (misinformation/lie #4). After a week had passed and I had not received my money, I returned to the bank to inquire as to the situation's progress. After being mistaken for another complainant, I was assured by the manager that she had left a message with the Purcellville (branch where I opened the account) manager (#5), but had not heard back yet.

I was satisfied with the response until another few days passed with no money, and so I returned to the bank. After again being confused with another complainant (I guess they have so many that they cannot keep track), I was rudely and brusquely informed by the manager that in leaving the message for her fellow manager she had done all she could (#6), and I would have to wait. I expressed my incredulity over the fact that branch managers were unable to get in touch with each other form days at a time and received the petulant response of "If you are so worried about it, you can call them yourself."

So that Friday, call them I did. I was immediately informed that they had received no call from the Morgantown branch, and further that the manager was out of the office but would contact me first thing Monday morning(#7). I called again Monday afternoon (after receiving no call) and was told that the manager went home due to "personal issues" but that she would contact me as soon as possible. When I got home Tuesday (~4pm) I had a cursory. Message from Amy, asking me to return her call. After returning, I was again informed that she was out of the office but would contact me tomorrow. I called at 9:30 am on Wednesday, but was tod that use was not in (#7). Fed up at this point, I asked if the branch manager was ever actually in the office after which I was told that she was in the office, but was in a meeting. Again I was told that she would contact me as soon as she was available. Come 4pm when I got home, I again had received no call, so I called again. This time Amy herself answered.

From the moment she picked up the phone, Amy's tone was rude and stand offish. I explained that I had been trying to get in touch with her for several days now to discuss the questionable OD fees on my account. She angrily said that she had no idea why I was calling, so I proceeded to explain the situation for perhaps the fifth time. After taking several minutes of silence to peruse my account she began to explain regulation D and why my savings had been closed. I interrupted her to clarify that I was not worried about the savings, and that my only concern was the recent OD fees. After another lengthy silence, she proceeded to explain why there was no way that she could refund the money. Her reasons were (in no particular order) ...
1) Since I had received the $30 refund from Morgantown, I was ineleigible for further refunds
2) That (contrary to actual events) I had been kept appraised of the status of my account throughout the period in question
3) That, apparently, PNC claimed to have had a phone conversation with me in March (#8) regarding the closing of my savings account and the effects that entailed (even though my account was not closed until May and during the time they said they talked to me I was on vacation in California sans the cellphone on which they claimed to have spoken to me on)
4) That the Morgantown manager had boldfacedly lied to me, and that all branch manager could provide full refunds of OD fees
5) That there was no way that I would be receiving any additional refund from PNC

While I attempted to explain the ridiculousness of the situation and the obvious misinformation, Amy became more and more uncivil until I was finally prompted to ask for the contact information for her immediate superior. Instead of providing me the number for the regional manager, she said that I could contact their 1 800 number and promptly hung up on me (without providing the number, 1 800 PNC being an impossible contact. Needless to say, I was incensed at this ridiculous treatment and fully prepared to set fire to both the Morgantown, WV and Purcellville, VA branches at first opportunity but opted to first complain to whoever would listen. After a short Internet search I was able to find the number in question (which was a 1 888 number by the way).

In a matter of minutes, customer service representative Sandy Brown was able to refund the full amount in question and file complaints agains both bank managers, all while maintaining a refreshing degree of politeness and professionalism.

In summation (sorry for the rant) PNC's hiring practices are obviously out of whack, in that an effective professional like Sandy is little more than a telemarketer, while Amy and her peer are able to serve misinformation and rudeness from their positions as branch managers. I can't say that I hate PNC as a whole, because I did get my money back and Sandy was very pleasant, but the fact that this whole process took close to a month and that I was lied to outright close to ten times (let alone the rude treatment) certainly gives me pause about endorsing them.

So to any future PNC customer - LOOK ELSEWHERE! QUALITY BANKING SHOULD NOT BE THIS DIFFICULT! To any current PNC customers - 1) I'm sorry, 2) I highly recommend that you process any account related complaints through the customer help line and not through your local branch (five minutes w/ a successful outcome > a month of rude treatment, misinformation, and no progress, 3) Take everything you are told by PNC employees (tellers or managers) with a grain of salt, THEY WILL LIE TO YOU, and 4) Find a new bank, PNC is not worth anyone's business (Sandy Brown excluded).

Sorry for the rant, hope this saves some of you from future banking troubles.
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