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  • Anonymous PNC Employee
7 months 2 weeks ago
Seems great, reality bites

Anything on the retail side of PNC is awful. Their products are mediocre at best, and their internal support isn't good. They have idiot managers, and care nothing for the employees. IT is a better field at PNC since its much more difficult to get IT folks, so they gotta treat them better. But PNC still sucks with the massive amount of paperwork for any IT change. They pay lip service to work life balance.

Sorry for your experience, but that's PNC typical recruiting process, run by idiots. Unless your IT, stay away from PNC.

  • Meejay22
1 year 2 months ago
Seems great, reality bites

I am still reeling from my experience. I was in contact with a lovely recruiter. It took 6 weeks just to get to the first interview. I went on 4 interviews for 6 positions in 5 months, each time the process seemed to be purposefully drawn out.

I was rejected for all of the the positions even though I was getting positive feedback. I finally gave up. A month later the recruiter calls back with an offer for the very first position for which I interviewed. I asked what happened to the guy who got the job instead of me she claimed she didn't know exactly, guess it didn't work out. (First Red Flag)
The benefits, pay and supposed culture had me over the moon. I immediately accepted.

The manager mentions to me that the oldest member of the team has been there 3 years, the next oldest, 18 months. (Red, red flags) my coworkers waste no time letting me know that with the turnover in their group, they aren't going to bother getting to know me. (!!!)

My 3rd day in training, I am told that I will not be placed in the job I was offered because someone on the team took a new position.
It took them 2 MONTHS to get all the appropriate programs and access required for my position.
The team was so negative and divisive, I dreaded coming in before my probation was over.
The job I was given was considered lower than the job I was hired for, despite the fact that my peers only had to work with 2-4 entities each and I had to process for all 30.
I had to process a huge project with 3 days notice and was denied access to balancing information and then disciplined for not guessing deposits correctly.
Three weeks before my 90 days they decide they are going to convert our daily data entry sheets to paperless. So they go person by person to convert the entities. Doing some transactions paperless and some still on paper. They are doing the conversion when they feel like it and barely notifying me entities have been partially converted. So while they now had to process 2 ways. I had to process 6 different ways, while new and being given partial information.
I was let go 2 weeks after 90 days for performance- the reality is I asked the Sr. Manager if I could have the job for which I was hired.
Good riddance but highly angry this is a black mark on my record when the whole team was a sick joke.