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  • Rdr918
2 years 8 months ago
Bonus "stolen" from me

So at PNC bank they have these scores called "shops" where customers score you based on their experience on a 1-5 scale, 5 being the best. If your branch scores high enough, your entire branch gets a bonus. Well I worked 39.5 hours a week and they considered me part time (seriously, they do that). So if your branch gets a $500 bonus, only full time employees get the $500, part time employees get $250. Well myself and another part time girl got shopped 6 times each for a total of 12. Our branch for shopped 30 times, so we accounted for 40% of our branches shops, yet only got half the money. Whatever I can live with half I suppose, even though some employees didn't get shopped at all and got the entire $500.

Anyway, I ended up finding a job as an accountant which I of course accepted. I worked at PNC the entire first quarter, and ended up leaving the company after putting in my two weeks notice. I handled my leaving the company just as you should, by the book. Worked out the rest of my two weeks and didn't slack or mail it in. I even went above and beyond to train the girl that would be taking over the vault and did whatever I could to make the transition of me leaving as smooth as possible.

Well come to find out PNC is saying since I quit I don't get any of the bonus. Seriously? That's crazy! I know it's not a lot of money but I earned that money! Never once was I told that me quitting would affect my bonus. If I would have gotten bad shops I could have risked everyone in the branch not getting ANY bonus. My branch was awesome and if I would have gotten bad shops I doubt they would have treated me bad or held it against me personally, but I could see at a branch with not so great coworkers they would hold it against you or treat you badly for you ruining their bonus.

Bottom line, they seriously are not giving me my bonus that I earned and I will fight this any way I can merely out of principle.

Anyone else have this happen to them?