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Employees get screwed

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4 years 2 weeks ago #2461 by Guest
Employees get screwed was created by Guest
I have been working for Pnc.. for just shy of a year. I had a mass growing in my. Sinuses which was found at the beginning of this year: the HR department had me doings tramendous amount of running around between them, my doctor, and specialist "to help me" protect my job. During all of that they told me: I was not covered or protected. The red flagged the entire month (April) preventing me from entering vacation time and personal time for both the appointments and surgery. I had to cutback my hours and schedule for part time during this horrendous event. I had 56.07 hours of vacation time, I was working a 20 hour shift at this point, my surgery came up I was out for two weeks, I get back to work and find out that I was placed into a new position as part time, still working with the same team and same boss doing the same exact job at the same desk and computer. I am told that I was stuck on part time for 6 months due to the position change... recall what I just mentioned, nothing about my job or position its self changed... I explained that I can not afford this and that I have 3 kids counting on my income. They said "its company policy" well since then my boss as been mid every time I wantt to discuss this matter; they say " we will have an answer for you in the next few days." They told me yesterday we would talk.. well today I find out all my vacation time has been removed and my time out was only covered for 24 hours. That leaves me with 4 days not paid, plus 4 days of no absent coverage so I'm led to believe they are working on my termination paper work. I needed a job and income verification to get help during the mess Pnc created for me; the hr department referred me to " the work number.com site and they would not do anything else. " company policy" is what they said to Me. They have some major ethics issues one because they have been treating me like I'm not a concern and their core value statements states that they value our well being and family life balance. That is abviously not true. They absolutely refuse to provide me any information about anything. I took screen shots of my available vacation time in my profile today it says 56.07 hours available. But I don't have access to it, I also have the Evmails and text messages that I received with vugue information and responses. They keep giving me excuses just like we are trained to do with cyst. Understand that I give the cust facts no matter what it means to Pnc. Maybe that's the cause of all my issues now. They do not respect customers or employees. It's all about their policy and making moneys. Today folks I got robbed by them too.
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