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10 years 10 months ago #11 by Matt
Thieves!!! was created by Matt
I have had a personal account forever, long before the PNC NAZI's took over my beloved Peninsula Bank! I keep the personal account for my Health Insurance automatic Debit. That's it!

This account was in my PAY-PAL account as a verified account but I NEVER use it for PAY-PAL anymore. I made a purchase thru PAY-PAL and forgot to switch to Credit Card Payment type.

When I realized the error I wasn't too worried since the Credit Card was the backup method of payment if no funds were available on the Bank Account. Little did I know PNC would go ahead and pay it anyway and charge me $36 (I guess for the convenience) and then when my Insurance Membership Fee transaction went thru I got charged another $36 for that one!

Crooks I tell you! Crooks!

There was $49 in the account when they decided to accept the PAY-PAL transaction of $275! They SHOULD have rejected that Electronic Transaction and when my Insurance Membership Fee transaction for $30 came thuu the $49 would have covered it as planned.


They'll do anything to steal a fee from you!
10 years 2 months ago #24 by falcon0370
Replied by falcon0370 on topic Re: Thieves!!!
Summary - If you have $100.00 in your account and a "pending" deposit of $1000.00
and "pending" debits of $101.00 they will charge you an OD Fee.

Ultimately - they will only count "pending" debits against your account but that "pending" deposit they seem to brush under the rug so they can charge you overdraft Fees

Below find the chat session with PNC.

Thank you for choosing PNC Bank. This chat may be monitored for quality assurance purposes. The next available Online Consultant will be with you.

Hello, this is Bill. Thank you for choosing to use our online chat service. How may I assist you today?

Me: This is truely rediculous! I have been charged 4x $36.00 OD Fee but never went negative. This "pending" status is deceiving. I want these charges reversed.

Bill: Good morning, Mr. ********! I can review the account for you today! Just a moment, please!

Bill: Mr. *********, the reason that four fees were debited is because there were not enough available funds on 3/14 to cover both the pending and posted transactions.

Bill: Would you like me to break down the activity>

Bill: ?

Me: Sorry I dont mean to be gruff but this isnt the first time i have had trouble with this account

Me: I would like them reversed as i never went negative

Bill: Let me take a look for you. One moment, please!

Bill: After reviewing the account, we are unable to provide an additional credit.

Bill: We apologize for any inconvenience.

Bill: We would ask that you please visit the "Making the Most of Your Money" web site available at pnc.com for more information.

Me: I understand that PNC is a large company and losing 1 customer isnt a big deal but if i cannot get satisfaction i will move my business elsewhere
10 years 2 months ago #27 by Marci
Replied by Marci on topic Re: Thieves!!!
PNC compromised my personal info and gave my checking account balance to a person who was not on my account. I am thru with PNC also
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